This Is Where I’ve Been.

Fridays. Fridays are fun. Fridays are cool. Fridays are like your old-aunt Cindy that uses terminology like LIT AF and FLEEK.

**I may or may not have had to google trendy words.. #grandmastatus – at least I still know how to hashtag.**

Anyways.. Fridays on this blog will be for videos.. The first video I am posting is to answer the question I asked on my very first post of this new, blog, space, internet thing that I am doing.

*Where have I been?* .. The answer is HERE..Literally.

xx Kye

4 thoughts on “This Is Where I’ve Been.

  1. Hi Kylie!
    I just wanted to say today I finally had a chance to check your blog and I am thrilled!
    I LOVE YOUR LOGO, your videos (btw, what app do you use to edit?), pics and your writing style!

    Keep it up and I’ll be fore sure following 😉


    Monica Carlsson (from the fll bloggers meet up)

    1. Hey Monica!! I’m so glad you did, I was actually just thinking about you. I’ve been loving your Instagram posts!! I did it through iMovie! Let’s definitely meet up. I’d love to grab a coffee or glass of wine soon 🙂 xx

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