Where Have I Been?

So.. I’m back. I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog of mine, that I’ve had all these years. This sad, neglected, blank space of internet that I have created. And it has been eating at my conscious. Unfortunately my laziness has trumped my actual desire to provide any type of information to my fellow travelers. For that I am sorry. And the worst part of all of this, is the sheer fact that I have been nonstop traveling for the last 730 days of my life (not including my 5 month hiatus to South East Asia). For those of you that are not interested in kindergarten math, that equates to two years. Yes. On July 28th it was  officially two full years that I have been consistently traveling without sharing any information. So thats cool. I have a stupid amount of knowledge and experiences that I should be sharing with you but because I am completely scatter brained, you know nothing.

IMG_3278Processed with VSCO with c1 preset12031501_10152984390156721_1055345196954672308_oProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset10273577_10207348462004349_3764556257078919503_nAnyways. All this time I have not been writing, I have been thinking (believe it or not) and analyzing. The question I keep coming back to is “How do you Travel?” So now I am here. And I am still wondering. How do you travel? The last few years has made me realize that we all travel in different ways. And thats good. It’s okay. It’s important.

So today we commence in the resurrection of this small, stunted space of a .com that used to be filled with information, stories and so much soul, and we rejoice; for Ohmyitskye has spoken and will now shine.

Welcome to: How do you Trvl by Ohmyitskye


Internet friends its time. I want to know How you travel. This is my latest quest. My latest adventure. My latest curiosity. I want to know. How do you do it? Do you travel in luxury. Do you travel like a gypsy. Do you travel for knowledge, experience, escape. Do you travel in Billabong board shorts or in Givenchy leather coat. In the air or on the ground. Let’s chat. There is no wrong way to travel. But I wanna know.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing how I travel and some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. I am hoping to find out how you travel too. Please be sure to comment below and check back on Wednesdays for my weekly post. Or you can subscribe down below to get weekly updates.

Hope you all are as excited as I am! Thanks for reading.. and see you on the internet!

xx Kye

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Everyone should have Vino in Zurich.




6 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. Couldn’t be happier that you are back! So much knowledge, and love to share. Let me think…how do I travel? Heavy (which I am working on), Excitedly, Well-researched, and mid-luxe accommodation. If state-side, with my PUP, my most precious, cargo. Can’t wait to see what is ahead, and how you travel….

  2. Glad you’re back. And what a great question, Kylie. I will be so interested to read other answers.

    I usually travel solo so I get to make all the decisions! Since I like to fly later in the day, when I land, it’s usually morning in the new place and I want to try to get on local time so force myself to stay awake all day — and since I’m low energy then, I very often take a boat tour of the new city. It’s a relaxing, fun way to get acquainted.

    As for lodging, I like to stay in sweet pensions or private AirBnb lodging. For me, travel is all about seeing how other people choose to live their lives so I like to fit in to a neighborhood at least temporarily. I love to check out grocery stores and pharmacies to see what’s sold and how the locals live. And of course, the food — what do they eat? what’s the local specialty? And I especially like to see the children and animals and how they are treated.

    I would rather stay for a week or two or month in one place or locale than do a quick one night here, next night there kind of trip. Again, I like to absorb a place — I want to be there long enough that madame at the little patisserie on the corner is friendly to me when I come in for my morning pastry. It’s less about seeing the museums and monuments — though I often find local churches/temples to be incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

    Some of my favorite things to do include just walking the streets and observing, finding a local cooking class (preferably one that takes you to the market to buy food from local vendors), playing poker if it’s legal there, and finding any local theatre/dance/festival.

    I did an Earthwatch trip one year and highly recommend for everyone to do at least once.

    I’ll be curious to read about how you and others travel and want to hear your tips — by now, you must have more than a few.

    As always, safe travels. Brenda.

    1. Brenda!! You know you and I have most of that in common. Solo is my favorite way to travel too and I love to eat, sleep and breath with the locales. I feel like it’s the only way to travel..but as I am finding out it most certainly isn’t! Thanks for keeping up with me. It’s always amazing to hear from you!!

  3. Yay! I can’t wait to read up on all your amazing adventures and steal all your tricks. 🙂
    How I travel?
    1. Carry-on always. Growing up as an American Airlines legacy/snob, I learned the best way to travel is with a carry-on, no matter the length of time you’re away. I can’t possibly handle more than one bag while running extremely late in Milan’s train terminal or that one time I had planned to catch a flight to Paris but got bumped and ended up in Madrid.
    2. Selfie stick. As a solo traveler a selfie stick is a must! It’s the only way you can get that perfect angle with a 1,000 year old landmark.
    3. Confidence. I love submerging myself in the culture of whatever city I’m visiting. Having the confidence to go to a restaurant or bar and strike up a conversation with a stranger that may or may not speak your language is so refreshing, empowering and eye-opening to the way others may live.

    1. 1. That is 1000% the standby in us.. having your bag with you at all times whether it be a 2 day trip or a 20 day trip is one of the most amazing feelings ever.
      2. I need to invest in that stick stat.. But my selfie game is pretty impressive minus the lumee
      3. Girl. All I need is a cocktail and red lipstick and i’m ready to go!
      Thank you so much for letting me know how you travel!! I can’t wait to write more about it :)) <3

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